• Company NameNihon-sogo-engei CO.,LTD
  • Headquarter19-1 Chishiro Tawaramoto-cyo Shiki-gun Nara, Japan
  • Sales Office
    • Chubu office : 57 Kakinoki Hongo Ama-shi Aichi, Japan
    • Sanyo office : 5-130 Kamata Hiroharake-ku Himeji-shi Hyogo, Japan
  • TEL+81-744-32-0687
  • FAX+81-744-32-0688
  • FoundationSeptember 1972
  • Corporation establishmentSeptember 1982
  • RepresentativeTaro Nakamura
  • Description of business
  • Business creedWe carry out a business creed every day with the sincerity, originality and enthusiasm to achieve a natural heart and the society which could work in the more natural harmony through something natural.
  • Corporate philosophyIt's confronted with sincerity every day for better social realization through spirit of other profits.
  • Consulting lawyerNara Sougou Law Office Araki lawer


  • September 1972Founded flower retailer called Hana no Hanakyu
  • September 1982Established flower retailer called Nihon-sogo-engei co.,LTD
  •  Founded organic food division called Sun-life
  • Octorber 1994Established organic food retailer called Sun-life co.,LTD
  • November 1996Business office was established in Aichi prefecture
  • September 1997Business office was established in Hyogo prefecture
  • Augest 2008Headquarter shifted to the present address
  • May 2015Sun-life co.,LTD was absorbed to pursue a long-term strategy efficiently by Nihon-sogo-engei co.,LTD
  • September 2015Taro Nakamura assumed a president



  • 19-1 Chishiro Tawaramoto-cyo Shiki-gun Nara 636-0246, Japan
  • near station: Kintetsu kashihara line, Kasanui staiton
  • TEL : +81-744-32-0687
  • Go down the Horyu-ji Temple interchange and approximately 15 minutes

Chubu office

  • 〒 57 Kakinoki Hongo Ama-shi Aichi 490-1116, Japan
  • TEL : +81-744-32-0687

Sanyo office

  • 5-130 Kamata Hiroharake-ku Himeji-shi Hyogo 671-1102, Japan
  • TEL : +81-744-32-0687

Initiatives for the Future

“Live in the present”
“The present is borrowed from the future”
These words are important to us.

“Take nothing for granted and always be grateful for the present”
This is our belief.

“To live each day with earnestness, creativity, and passion to build a better society”—this is our company mission as decreed by our founder, Junichi Nakamura. Even today, we continue to explore and fulfill every minor possibility based on this mission. Beyond anything, we believe that giving is receiving. Therefore, as part of our humble efforts, we donate a portion of our revenue to the following groups.

We have also undertaken several internal initiatives:

  • Separating recyclables
  • Using recycled/used paper
    to reduce environmental impact
  • Avoiding excessive use of electricity
  • Actively adopting/purchasing
    environmentally friendly products

We are fully committed to these actions regardless of how insignificant they might appear.


HeadquarterChubu officeSanyo office